Meeting God

Almost every day..I see the same face

on a broken picture tabe..for people in race

If you could see your self..

you put you on a shelf!!

Today I will play the part of none parent..

not making a hundred rules...

for you to know your self

Not lying to make you believe..

whats evil is making love

and making friends..and meeting God!!

You are alone in a way..

the right way..

to bleed..

Cant be taught in turn..

You are pushing us to return!

We stand alone..

The truth in right and wrong

The boundaries of law..

You seem to miss the point..

arresting for a joint??

Why hundreds of people die?

You are writing tickits man

my mum got jumped...,

they ran!!


Now I will play a public servant.

to serve and protect..,

by the law and the state

I would bust the punks that rape..steal and murder.

and I will leave you to be..

If you crossed me,

I would shake your hand like a man..not a God!

Come meet your maker boy..

some things you cant enjoy

because of heaven and hell..

He is watching..say your prayrs,

because God is everywhere!


Now I will play a man..

leaving priesthood

who is about to take..

the last test in life!

I would question things..

how can I survve

But when the time come.

I will call my mum

but no one can hear me..

and nothing will make me free!

Thats all what I have done..

and Im the only one!!!


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