What Im Gonna Tell Her????

She wanted me to tell her all my feelings

all my problems and all my seetings

So can I do it and tell her all of that??

about how my life crashed and my broken heart?

How I used to feel pain and cry at night

how I needed him only to stay by my side

how I cant do anything but sit to remember

what happened at that time and what is in december

Howit felt at my first time I fall in love

and when he said "rose,thats enough"

how I wanted to kill him then I said "NO"

cause he is the first and the last I told him I love you

how it was when he first called and she picked up

and how she struggled with us to make us stop

then when I tried to get him back and fix it

with some letters in my bag and she caught it

can I tell her how much I hated her at that time?

cause she made me love like doing a crime

then when I found a chance to meet him and with me she went

and kept looking around like a message not sent

then I began to survive just to forget

so I let all my dreams with him and left

but im needing someone to love insteat I felt

so a friendship with the light brothers was built

oh my God,how they were so sweet

making me looking forward to the days we meet

and I felt I may be loved again

by one of them..which both of their hearts like a rain

making me happy without lying

took my pain and stop me crying

then she came to tell me what her husband did

and how in seconds he broke what I spent years to build

but no I wont give up..wont let them go

they wont leave me like my love..who did so

I will do my best to keep them with me

even if they knew im not like what they can see

I wondered firstly why they stopped replying me

and if they were playing to see who will get me

as dad says "BOYS LIKE FOXES" you cant know their reality

but I knew them well and understood their personality

you are asking how im gonna tell her about that?

I just need some time to work it out

but gonna keep for my self all my past

cause its not usefull at last

and after all I felt from sadness and pain

it seems like I wont love again

and to all whom are waiting to love me...its a lie

its so easy for me to say "HI" then a "GOOD BYE"

and if you wanna be safe from any broken heart

try to let me go..and now you start

cause me with my love are a dreams for you

so go to another who will love you

I was a beautiful rose with all my sharing

trying to make people love me and make them airing

till that jack came and picked me up

and couldint find anyone behind to help

and then came back with my life which crashed

cause I followed his act and splashed

and the similarties between rose and jack

is that again both wont come back!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sudan Fairytale said…
sooooooo cooooool princess of forests!

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