○○That's○ ○ME...○○

Every sun rise..any water fall..
Any teary eyes..Every single soul..
Anything clear..& some of what people hide..
Every single dream that I keep inside..!!
Every empty space..
All reminds me that I've no one..no place
Even my dearest memories are gone..
Taking with them every thing I was hanging on..!
I'm not alone..You should know
I'm just a girl who has a heart like a rock..
& its melting with every TIK from the clock..!!
Just someone who is surrounded by fools..
& used to break all the rules..!!
& every second..in every way..
All are just the same
Don't point your finger,,I wont take any blame..
Just give me time & you'll see..
That not only you interesting in me..!!
I've multi-choises & I've to choose..
So sunshine, be careful not to loose..
Now..I can't promise you..
I've nothing to give..Or to do..!!
I'm just a girl from forests who wants to stay..
& you gonna meet me there..everyday..!!!


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