When I knew..
I Couldn't believe it's you..
I was so confused..Don't know what to do..
Would I even receive an invitation from you..??!
And unless..Should I go..??
I put on my cool stuff like the day was mine..
My heart beating so fast..nothing seem to be fine..
My makeup was so simple..and I didn't care..
I just wanted to see you..and tell you it's not fair..
Cause you didn't choose me to share..!!
When I entered that big lighting hall..
Wondering should I have a seat? Or just stand by the wall..?!
My teary eyes looking everywhere..
Everyone was asking "How Could She Dare"..??
Uh..I could see "Indian" passing me through..
That's "Spy Hard", and your sister with her kids too ..!!
Your young cousins were so spread..
I Know I was just looking like dead..
"Ugly Face" was trying to look pretty as much as she can..
I just couldn't believe that I'm standing on the wedding of my man..!!
I could see all your friends,, The tall one too..???
God, I don't even remember when he became a friend of you..
Some saw me and wondered what brought me here..??!!!!!!!!
WHY?? Can't I for the last time see my dear..??????
Time was flying..But, passing me so slow..
Wondering "Honey,,Where the hell are you"..????!
Music was filling the place..For me it's like a gun..
I thought after some hours I'll be done..!!
OH,, I could see your mother looking at me..
Really, How could she still remember me..???
She was the only one who understood my heart..
I'm really regretting the days I stayed apart..!!
DAMN..My best friends came too..!!!!!
I thought they 'll never do..
Well,,none can let you down..My sweet boy..
Everyone was smiling..all feeling joy..!!
I tried to stay invisible from their eyes..
But unfortunatly..Everone could realize..
What's wrong people..?? What if none invited me..??
I just came to say goodbye for what we used to be..!!!
Suddenly,, Women started shrilling so high..
Ladies Shouting and claping..Guys whistling to die..
Every single eye was just focusing on that light..
The Music turned slow..I somehow liked that sight..
I was still standing on my place..
My heart beating so hard..My tears running like if they were on race..!!
I couldn't believe how beautiful are you..
Just like an angel with that light around you..
Your diamonds in your mouth that shows when you smile..
You know I could never close your file..!!
Your sweet brown eyes showing the happiness that was in you..
Just shining like a star,,which meant forever to glow..
I finally managed to see you..But on the wrong day..
Without I notice I was moving on your way..
You were busy taking greetings from people who gathered around..
You wouldn't realize that I was walking without touching the ground..
Yes, I was flying to reach you..
How could you see??,While that monster in white besides you..
She was feeling like a queen on your kingdom..
I didn't understand..once you were like a wisdom..!!
People pushing me aside,, So they could see you..
Now I'm at the far corner watching the view..
My Moon..You looked so handsome in that black suite..
Giving earth a reason to be with the steps of your foot..
My mind kept shouting on me "IT SHOULD BE YOUR DAY"..
My heart wanted to give a quick reply..But it didn't know what to say..!!
Tears were falling to make a lake underneath me..
That day I knew I've no control on anything inside of me..!!
Shouldn't it be my day..My great day..??!!!!
Wish if I could stand on her place..pushing her away..
You still moving..Girls throwing flowers on you..
Cameras everywhere..just picturing you..
And your friends were there just feeling proud..
But your brothers and cousins looked like in a big doubt..
My friends there commenting on the way you move..
You were feeling anxiouse..I know you love..!!!
Then you reached the center of the hall..
You turned to face her..I held my self to the wall..
You took her hands in yours..Giving her a big smile..
I hate that one you picked,, she's loving in style..!!!
I could see you looking in her eyes..
She were acting like shy..Don't know if she could realize..
I can't forget this way you used to look at me..
It means a lot of love and promises..I think she couldn't see..
Then you whispered in her ears..Pulling her close..
You hugged her to dance..Sweety, You took no time to forget about rose..!!!
Music turned sweet..
This view made me loose my last beat..
Then I could see it's over..Time wont come back..
I think you put magic on me to never forget you jack..
Everyone back to his seat very happy..
But, I couldn't keep on that way..I felt dizzy..
You went to your golden sofa on the stage..
Then I made a little laugh..When I thought you entered the cage..
UHH..I really wanted to be your locker..Want to own you..
Jacky..NObody can love you as I do..!!
Some of your family started to show..
Just like bees flying around a flower..They roamed around you.
Your mother needed a hand to climb up..
OH.."Indian" has a kid..who didn't stop the jumb..
A little longer and your hairless brother came in..
"Fish face" became so thin..
Everyone of them I had a lot of memories with..
Well,,Guess your girl can't beat me on this..!!!
OH GOD..I never felt such lonely..
I was loosing my beloved one and only..
None could feel me..none felt my pain..
I was praying to get strength to live again..
The sweet guy arrived with broken..
When he saw me,,The view made him shaken..!!
The crowd around my jack made me breathless..
The place was full of people,,I saw it's all mess..
All were loving the new king of today..
But,She doesn't deserve to be called a queen..I would never say..
Then I decided to do it..whatever it takes..
I didn't care what 'll happen next..I made worst mistakes..
I stood on the way..infront of all..
I started stepping slowley through the hall..
Everyone looked at me..eyes froze on me..
I wouldn't care less..I was already hurt,pain inside of me..
The amazement,shocking comments I could hear..
Then I was standing in the middle..facing my dear..!!!
My eyes were saying much to him..If he could understand..
And when he saw me he let go of her hand..
I walked like a ghost towards them..
My eyes focused on his..GOD, I miss him..
His face showed his fear..or it was anger..??!
His confusing told her that she was on danger..
Don't be afraid beast,,I wont kill you..
My man loves you..and I'll never hurt him..'ll never do..
I just came to congratulate him..even though I didn't know what to say..
Words disappear when we look to each other that way..
Silently,,I did what I had to do..and held my cry..
Walked on my way..never looked back..I already said goodbye..
Then I walked out of your heart forever..
I know I'll never see your face again..NEVER..!!
You hoped if she could take care of you..
And I hoped if time could make me forget about you..!!
I got on my car and drove as fast as I could..
But I don't remember what happened next..Wish if I could..
At least I got my chance to see you..
And my dream just came true..
I kept picturing that bullet I shot sinking deep in your heart..
I could mange to escape before the appearance of your blood start..
Baby,,Once you told me that your heart 'll be forever my place..
I was just protecting my most important property..So why that look on your face??!!
The last thing I did was ending your life..
But after you I could never manage to survive..!!
Guess everyone said that I meant to do it..But I really didn't know..
That loosing your life 'll cause loosing mine too..!!!
Broken hearts never should drive..
Specially if they were trying to survive..
Cause when jack is gone..Rose 'll never stay alive..


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