It was so magic-like to end this fast...
But it's too late to tell I'm hopin' it'd last..
As my clock announcin' mid-night..
Everythin' is so still..Beneath the full moon light..
Now everythin' is so different..
I feel so lonely,,,While you're so distant..
Everythin' has changed...And none is here to blame..
Really nothin' is the same...!!!!!!
Boy..Since the day you went away..
Nothin' feels at all ok..
With me..
Life is not like what it used to be..!!

Never thought that you can get that far..Never before..
Till I watched your heart walkin' out of my door..!!
So hard ?? So Bad ??..So painfull..Unfair..
How could you really break that stare..??!!!!
That golden bond conectin' our hearts..
How could you break it to so many parts..??!!!
Do you know ?? Do you trust ?? Do you believe ??
That I really didn't want you to leave..??!!!
Do you know how much you mean to me ??!!
I swear for me lettin' go wasn't easy...But could you see ??

Sweet angel..Don't you ever miss the Sudan sunrise ??
And the view of stars reflected in our eyes..??
The smell of peace that makes everythin' feels alright..
Or the sound of our stares through that night..??!!!!!
If I knew that we only have one more day...Only one..
I'd try to talk time to never run..
But who could tell that you're leavin'...On your own..
Leavin' Me , Friends and the place that we call home..
I'd never let you go..
But I really didn't know..!!!

Please tell me that you'll come back..
I need you here..I only need to know that..
Promise I'll be here when you come back..
Cause without you my colored life turns black..
And I really don't want to miss..
Another evenin' without you here like this..!!!

Please I need to know that you goanna call me..
And every promise you did is goin' to be..
Please just tell me is this for real..??
Are you goin' to break our deal..??
Tell me cause everythin' has to be Okay..
When you're away..!!!!

Is this our goodbye ?? is it the end ??
Wishin' each other a good life...Without you My beloved and friend..??
You know I can keep it good..So good to be true..
But I wont make it to the life I dreamed about..Without you..
I can keep it stabled..With air , drinks and food..
But Boy believe me I rather make it great than good..!!
I can live with all this pain..just keepin' it inside..
I'll do anythin' to never swallow my pride..
But 'll never know the meanin' of happiness..Never feel the best..
Cause whatever I might do..Without you my heart 'll never find rest..!!!


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