When Jack was back..

Many years went..
a lot of time I spent
Thought that could heal my pain
then I wont love again
I walked many years alone
Heard people of my own
And now I just met you..
You did your best to let it show
You still caring about your own sack
And want to come back..!!
Finally now I got you
my whole dreams came true
I still cant believe it
its so strange..maybe a little bit
I kept wondering how come is that
How can it all go bad
I asked you to explain..
why are you back..the reason,the mean
I couldn't believe my lovely jack..
now is back..!!
I started to break the built
when happiness took me to the end
I thought too much about
then my love was killed by my doubt
I couldn't see how was that so sweet
My heart stopped the beat..!!
I spent whole life loving without you
and it just disappeared when I got you
I spent years can't forget
I really shocked cause now I can let
You said you can get any girl to love you
but you 'll never find someone loves you as I do
You felt proud to find who cares
and really thought I want to share
But never imagined your love which is in my heart
is the reason why I want us to be apart
I stopped our charming cry
and fainally we understood why
We were tired of playing each others game
our future 'll never be the same
We couldnt find the right words to tell
then you wished I go to hell
Everyone knew something was wrong
we never looked such strong
Then we told the truth when we could speak
our love is gone..we are no more weak
We fought like enimeis..I never looked to your eyes
Then my bad words lead me to apologize
But my heart is still like a stone
and now you are gone......
Baby Jack___________
Our love is the best
under shoe all the rest
Although it hurts to see you go
but I wont stop you this time you know
May one day I pass your way
On a calm moony day
Then I recognize you
and when you see me you know
In a minute of time..life takes us away
We remember all we wanted to say
Then no matter how we miss
we know nothing desirve our kiss
So a quick turning away 'll be done
and again forever like we are gone
Cause now we are a part of life
where we learned how to survive..!!

_____________For a memory of a week,in a life time_______________


Lucinda said…
This is great info to know.

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