PleaSe ....!!!!!

May I don't know what's your name..

But I'm sure we're not the same..

Cause I can see your heart..

That want us to be apart..

It didn't take me time to find..

What you really keeps inside..

It doesn't matter what you say..

Cause I know you wont stay..

And I really hate to do that..

But I love you from my heart..

And baby you have got a face..

Never , never I can't replace..

But what can I say or do..

just to let you really know..

When you're broken how it feels..

And how good it is , when it heals..

I still think you're so sweet..

Oh , when I see you my heart skips a beat..

Just can't forget your silky touch..

Or your shiney eyes , that's so much..

And how you want me now to break it ??!!

Dear dear , I just can't take it..

You just don't know , When everything ain't true..

And your hopes are really few..

When you think you wont be the same again..

Then an angel comes to take your pain..

You were my angel that came from the sky..

And I never thought that angels lie..

Its a decision and I choosed..

But I know I've lost..!!


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