To0 LaTe .... !!!!!

Does it matter..
If I'll Die , Or live after..?!
is it important to you..??
You don't have to ask me , You don't have to know..
Why do you care..??
Remember , you're the one who broke our stare...!!!

What do you have more to say..??!
I knew it was coming , I expected it everyday..
I watched you change , I saw you cry..
I saw the way you let us dry..
I don't , , , I can't hear your words..
You were the one who shot my birds...!!!

Who is this..??
You look like someone I used to miss..
Someone I gave my everything to..
Someone I trusted he'll make us true..
Someone I thought he was life..
Till I saw him with a knife..
Someone I gave my dreams to..
Someone looks just like you...!!!

Who is that..??
Who says he got a broken heart..??
Man , WHO ARE YOU..??
Yeah , it hasn't been so long , But I can't remember though..
WHAT ?? , WHAT ?? , You're talking bout "HURT"..?!!
Hello , I'm the one with blood on her shirt...!!!

You were important for me boy , You were something..
You were my all , and now you're nothing..
MOVE , MOVE , move away..
Let me pass bro , I choosed my way..
Start walking now , I showed You the road..
It's my time to leave , here's the sea carrying my boat...!!!

What do you want to hear now..???
Could it make any difference , Tell me how..??!!
You just want to hear me say "It's okay , I dropped my tissue"..
Don't bother your self bout my heart , I will Handel that issue...!!!

I already managed to the other side..
But , You've to stay here .. Can't give you a ride...!!!


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