The ... PrinCesS ... Of ... ForesTs ... !!!

Every Memory iS a SiGn ..... ThaT DefeniTly Once U Were Mine ... I'll Carry U iN My HearT and HolD U iN My MinD, Where U Can Be SaFe ... AwaY From PeoPle's OpiniOns, and WhaT's WronG and WhaT's RiGhT, AwaY From The No0ns Sun RaYs, and The ColD Of The NiGhT, AwaY From ChilDreN's FinGer PrinTs, and PeoPle eYes SiGhT ........ !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To0 LaTe .... !!!!!

Does it matter..
If I'll Die , Or live after..?!
is it important to you..??
You don't have to ask me , You don't have to know..
Why do you care..??
Remember , you're the one who broke our stare...!!!

What do you have more to say..??!
I knew it was coming , I expected it everyday..
I watched you change , I saw you cry..
I saw the way you let us dry..
I don't , , , I can't hear your words..
You were the one who shot my birds...!!!

Who is this..??
You look like someone I used to miss..
Someone I gave my everything to..
Someone I trusted he'll make us true..
Someone I thought he was life..
Till I saw him with a knife..
Someone I gave my dreams to..
Someone looks just like you...!!!

Who is that..??
Who says he got a broken heart..??
Man , WHO ARE YOU..??
Yeah , it hasn't been so long , But I can't remember though..
WHAT ?? , WHAT ?? , You're talking bout "HURT"..?!!
Hello , I'm the one with blood on her shirt...!!!

You were important for me boy , You were something..
You were my all , and now you're nothing..
MOVE , MOVE , move away..
Let me pass bro , I choosed my way..
Start walking now , I showed You the road..
It's my time to leave , here's the sea carrying my boat...!!!

What do you want to hear now..???
Could it make any difference , Tell me how..??!!
You just want to hear me say "It's okay , I dropped my tissue"..
Don't bother your self bout my heart , I will Handel that issue...!!!

I already managed to the other side..
But , You've to stay here .. Can't give you a ride...!!!

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