Letting go !!

I believe it's over..
I'm letting you go, my lover!!
I really don't know what to do..
Or even have a clue..
I will be forced to stand and watch that view..
Watching her stealing the heart of you..!!
And I will let her know..
That tonight, I will let you go..!!
These hopes and dreams will be buried deep with you..
With a box of your memories,
And all the things you used to do..
I have to..
Have to let you go..!!

I ran out of fake smiles..
Ran out of true tears..
My heart is tired of running all of these miles..
To face the only thing it fears..
I can't charge your happiness no more..
No knocks to offer for your door..
But I,
Will call the light to die..
Digging all the way to death..
Will Make a billion lie..
Turn my soul to mess..
Can't you see ??
You are the power source for me..
And I will choose to fly..
Talking you out of my sky..
I'm daring my weakness to choose..
You, or life to loose ..?!!
And I have to say goodbye..
Before you try to try..
I will fly with wind .. fly away..
Because, I shouldn't stay ...!!!


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