Tested For Love!

Wish if I said no.

I shouldn't have accepted the deal.
I shouldn't have agreed on being tested!

Tested for love ?
Tested For what ?
For being the one ?
For being the one who deserves to replace the yet irreplaceables ? 
The one who accepts any condition just to be with him ?
Him .. ?? Who is HE ???
I know,
He is the one testing me !!

Why I'm so helpless to say no ??
How will I know if I'm doing well,
Or if I'm already getting an 'F' ?
I don't really want to pass his test.
I should have declined,
I should have said no,
Or do I ?
I don't know !!!

Love is a test itself,
Love is the thing that determines if we pass it or not,
If we should go on or not,
And so far, 
His stupid test,
Killed my baby love,
It wasn't even a LOVE,
Was it ??
It just struck me once,
And I'm praying it don't strike twice.

A stupid space he asked for,
Before anything,
Before getting deep,
He needed a space to not be committed,
And we just get to know each other,

Seriously ?
So I don't get to call him whenever I want ..
I don't get to say I miss him when I do ?
He doesn't have to be there when I need him ..
Nothing can make him answer my "Where were you" question ..
I don't even get to be jealous ..
Is this what he really wants me to be ?
Someone who is there for him when he is free,
When he is lonely ?
Someone unbroken ?
Someone strong ?
Someone feeling-less ?
Someone like me ?

Was it something to motivate me to win him ?
To show my interest ?
Was he scared of my rejection ?
How come ?
I already accepted his test,
His selfish test,
That I'm no longer willing to pass!



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