Between Me & Myself (2)

The sad violin plays my favorite heart break ..
Bringing old memories of unfinished smiles ..
Memories that I cannot take ..
Back to that fatal journey ..
To his deep eyes ..
And I remember his paintings of happiness ..
I know my words are not on his mind ..
I'm not his favorite kind ..

Between Me & Myself ..

I knew I will never change ..
But I wanted him to stay ..
I knew that my loneliness surroundings scared him ..
I was the one who created that space between us ..
Asking him to keep it ..
Between Me and Myself ..
I was hoping that he break it ..
Setting my heart free ..
Instead he enlarged it ..
Locking me in even more !!

I've always wished if he could see the old me ..
Wondering if she will get his attention ..
Just a desperate try ..
Between Me and Myself,
I'm relieved that he didn't ..
Accepting his rejection to the real me would be harder,
Than it is to another trial !!

I've always hated to sit by the phone waiting ..
And it never rang ..
I've always hated to say goodbye to those going to the Gulf,
Knowing deep inside that they will never return ..
Never will they come back ..
To me at least .. !!
I've always hated to express my feelings ..
Or to have any kind of intimate relations with others ..
Between Me and Myself,
I've done all of these for him ..
Hoping that he is different ..
And that he deserves .. !!

Between Me and Myself,
I've walked a thousand miles of dreams ..
With him ..
And took my way back alone ..


Sudan Fairytale said…
Really good and sweet heartbreaking and well written

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