Ms. Wrong VS Ms. Right

Everyone was wondering,
How can 2 people with the same blood,
Same flesh,
Living in the same house,
2 who never ever separate,
How can they be so much different,
So much opposite ?!

How can we always be together,
When she is Ms. Wrong
And as far as they think,
I'm Ms. Right ?

They always asked me to talk her out of troubles,
To guide her way,
To tell her make me your role model,
And least they knew,
She was the one I used to look up to !

I was so astonished by her boldness, 
She always break rules,
Break windows,
Break hearts,
Break promises,
She always get what she wants, 
Eventually !

She knew how to deal with everything,
With everyone,
I always envied her luck,
Always she knows how to get herself out of trouble,
And gets me out of it too,
Yeah believe,
Mrs. Wrong gets Mrs. Right out of her terrible mistakes,
Over and over again !

Who said I'm Ms. Right ?
Who said I don't do anything wrong ?
In fact, 
I don't do anything if its not wrong !

I failed every little test life gave me,
When she -of course- passed,
I fell for Mr. Wrong,
While she got many Mr. Rights,
Looking at it from my point of view,
At the end of the day,
She always sleep peacefully,
And I wet my pillow crying !

They wondered how can my strong good character affect her ?
How can she resist my white heart and pure soul ?
Only if they knew,
The strong magic is with who.
Who forms the light and creates peace,
Which one of us got to lead ! 


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