Back To You !

After all those years that passed us through ..
After all these promises you made me do ..
After all these roads that took me away ..
Teaching myself how to hate you, everyday ..
Living with pain and regret, that I can’t even say ..
Everything, just everything ………
Lead me back to you !!!

Deep inside, I always knew ..
That will never find better than you ..
But, I promised to let go ..
I promised never ever believing in you ..
And I flew ..
The darkest clouds, I managed through ..
Broke all the chains that connected me to you ..
Though it was hard forcing myself to,
But I walked a life … Without you !!
But I never knew..
With every tear drop or a mistake I do ..
Something brings me back to you !!
I was lucky .. So lucky for true ..
Finding you whenever I needed you ..
Offering me a shoulder to lean to ..
A hand to hold on to ..
Borrowing me a smile .. When I ran off some too ..
Just being there ,, was so nice of you !
I knew ..
I will never ever manage to truly thank you ..
For trying to fix a life, that was once ruined by you ..
I understand boy, I really do ,,
Nothing’s going to be the same, as when I had you ..
I remember begging you once, to never let me go ..
But never imagined having you back like a friend and a “Bro” !!
Dear … Why ? you don’t have to ..
Trying to keep me alive ..
Giving me a reason to survive ..
Just by you being in my life ..
Only if you ..
If you could listen to what my eyes say ..
When you hold me ..
Haven’t you realize I started to cry everyday ??
Why couldn’t you see ??
Having you back killed the joy in me !!!!

When I found you ..
Was like a baby needs his mum .. I run to you ..
But what can I do ??
What did I drag myself into ????
Though once I have promised you ..
That no matter how, no one will replace you ..
No one can take the heart you belong to ..!!

But it hurts, the pain feels true ..
Asking me o keep our “friendship” as a secret .. didn’t you ??
You don’t even want your heart to know ..
You don’t want to feel it’s me who’s back to you ..
Honestly ..
I will never work it out .. never can do ..
You’re not my friend baby, nor my brother too ..
You’re the one I keep dreaming about every night ..
The one that with his touch . every sour feels alright ..
Who can change my darkness to light ..
Just by seeing his sight ..
Who means to me more than this world do ..
Did you know ??
Though I can’t say it, but this time I will force myself to ..
I’m flying without you ..
I’m facing the tasteless and colorless life too
I’ve to walk alone .. with one shoe !!!


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