Who .... ??!!

I just realized there'll be no more you ..
It's really weird how I could let go ..
I'm trying to force myself to forget ..
A broken pride feel , that you 'll never get ...
Hoping time 'll give me , a better day ...
When I finally drink all your memories away ... !!!

There's so much that I didn't say ..
And how am I supposed to stay .. ???!!!!!!!!
When you already choosed your way .. !!
My hero , you were always that far away ... !!!

But ,

Re-thinking my decision again and again ...
Counting my total lost , including the pain ..
Trying to heal my pain a little at a time ..
But , never could get that picture of my mind ..
I really found myself the looser of this game ..
There's so many gabs in my life , were filled by your name ... !!!

WHO ... ?!!
Who 'll ever replace you .. ??
Who can show me what to do .. ??
Who can give me courage to go through .. ??
Just Who , Who and who .. ??!!!

Who 'll be with me with no delay .. ??
Who 'll love to hear my boring conversations , everyday .. ??
Who 'll be in my heart , wherever I lay .. ??
People , who 'll light my way .. ??

Who 'll give me something to be living for .. ??
Who 'll give me his everything , Universe and so much more .. ??
Who 'll make me love him , right to the core .. ??
And who 'll heal me when my world sour .. ??!!

Damn , you knew you mean the world to me ..
And then you didn't even pick me ..
Though you promised we 'll be forever , promised me no tears ..
And now here you 're making alive my greatest fears .. !!!

Really , what 'll I wake up tomorrow to find .. ??
How would this world be without you here , or in my mind .. ??
Will tomorrow be better , or maybe the day after .. ??
Will I manage to open a new chapter .. ??

I don't know how my world is going to be ..
Or who 'll lights the steps of me ..
Who 'll ask me if I'm not okay , when my world does bleed .. ??
Who 'll be there , when YOU 're the most one I need .. ??!!

How can our little innocent dreams never be full filled .. ??
And our future never get built .. ??
How come I was such blind .. ??
That such a love like water , 'll never stay inside ... !!!

May Allah 'll give me strength one day to move on ..
Though without you am so damn alone ..
I understand we were never meant to be ..
Just wondering who 'll take you out of me .. ???!!!!


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