Off Your Mind ... !!!

I've dialed your number ,
Half a thousand times ...
Hoping just to hear your voice ,
On the other end of the line ...

I never had the courage ,
To finally make that call ...
I've been missing you so much ,
Have you been missing me at all ... ??!!

I need you here now ,
More than ever before ...
Cause if you're not by my side ,
Then tell me what is worth living for ... ???

I never had the courage ,
To tell you how I feel ...
But , honestly I've always loved you ,
And promise I always will ...

You took your time ,
Answering me that night ...
And every second wasted ,
I'm here holding on for life ...

And With every breath I take ,
I pray you're fine ...
That I'm the girl ,
You can get of your mind .... !!!


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