Different ?!!

Back again,
They say I'm different..
And to them,
I might be different. .
I look different, 
I dress different, 
I walk different,  
I eat different and I even think different .. !!

But to me, 
even though I feel I'm changed,  
a little bit of change, 
but as long as you are still in the same place
Where you are capturing my heart and busying my mind, 
Where I still beg for relief,  
Beg for mercy, 
Then I cannot say but everything is the same .. !!

And although I sometimes feel like I'm fed up from all of these, 
I'm even fed up from your usual existences while you are not actually there, 
But still,  
I want you to remain this way, 
I don't mind the routine of your memory ..
It's the only thing I have left from you,
I rather cry you daily than being alone one night without you.. !!

Different is being called ugly,
When you're surrounded by fake beauty..
Different is being called a freak,
When you're around people infected with sameness..
Different is when you're a loser,
In a world of cheaters..
Different is wearing a cape of darkness..
In a room full of dark color, and light..
Different is hating love,
When the rest of the world cherishes it..
Different is choosing pain over joy,
In the space of optimism..
Different is what I've become,
As I rebel against the world.. !!

I'm different, 
Disappointingly different,  
But I enjoy being this way,  
As long as your ghost is around me !!


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