a MoMenT ..... iN a LiFe TiMe ... !!!

How could you say goodbye to someone ,
Who means the world to you .. ??
I didn’t ..
I just walked away .. !!!
But , it did hurt me ..
It hurted me so much for the fact that it didn’t hurt me at all ..
I felt nothing ..
Weird enough I didn’t even cry ..
I wondered ,
I used to miss you every single moment , in everyday ..
I just wondered how could I walk a life without you .. !!!
It crossed my mind ..
I remembered when you promised to be my hero ..
And to watch sunset together ..
You promised to always be by my side ..
And I promised to wait … !!!
Then I laughed ..
Oh , I laughed so hard ..
Realizing that I never managed to see you for real ..
Baby , we never met ..
We never touched ..
You never saw my favorite dress ,
Never smelled my favorite perfume ,
Never saw the way I walk , or how I talk ,
Never even touched my hair ..
I used to ask myself every night ..
“How does he smell ?”
“How does it feel to be next to him ?”
“How does it feel to hold his hand ?”
“How warm is his hug ?”
And what made me laugh even harder ..
Is the fact that I will never know these answers ..
And in the middle of my laughs ,
I bursed in tears ..
Realizing there will be no more you ..
You won’t exist in my life … !!!


Somehow we had a bound ..
We could prove that love has no borders ..
Cause ours flew away for miles ,
Crossing countries ,
Crossing seas ,
And crossing whole the wide world ..
Above all these nations and cultures ..
How funny was our destiny to be together ..
And we stayed connected ..
Distance was another factor to keep us on .. !!!
Maybe our lack to those tiny-little things that keep others intimate ..
That keep them close and strong ..
Maybe our lack for them , is what made us stronger ..
Even if you were in my heart , and always will ..
But somehow I felt you’re so far ..
Have I ever told you that I still feel like I don’t know you enough ..
In fact maybe I don’t know you at all ..
Even though it was for a while ..
that we survived , we proved that we could be ..
But eventually ,
We were a moment .. that wasn’t meant to last ..
Just a dream .. and we had to wake up … !!!
Thou You were just a stranger .. as you will always be .. to me ..
But believe , you were my best coincidence , the best choice that I will always regret … !!!!!!!!!


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