To Jack ...

Dear Jack,

I know I’ve been away for a while, a long while actually, and I’m sorry for that. I guess you are wondering where I am, or what I’ve been doing, or maybe you don’t. I’m writing to tell you that I’m fine and I’ve missed you a big time, I missed everything about you, your hazel eyes and your throaty voice.

I’ve been somewhere far, somewhere where none can actually be, I needed to be alone, I needed to see no one, including your sweet face. I had to think, to explore, to plan and to decide without someone beside me telling me how to do things and what’s best for me, and I believe I succeeded, I succeeded greatly. Only after I came back that I discovered I’ve made a huge mistake; staying alone and away for such a long time, everything was changed, everyone is different, or maybe I’m the one that changed ! 

I can hardly recognize anyone around me, including myself. My life has changed, my friends and dear close people too, they started to seem more selfish, greedy, shallower and glassy eyed. I miss my old life, my old people and my old self,

and ...



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