A message that a Pigeon lost ..

Hello there,
Hope you are alright ..

I know you are alright ..
You have always been so strong,

I know you can get over this ..
Then why don’t you ?? I don’t want to ask anyone about you ..
I won’t ask them how is he doing today ??
I don't need their answers ..
Because they don’t know you like I do ..

Why are you letting them say all these negative talks about you .. ?

You can scream on them


Scream, and make their world shudder ..
SHOUT OUT LOUD .. Like you always do ..  !!
I know you are getting back ..

You simply can’t give up,
You never did,You never were a sensitive person,Never needed peoples sympathies ..So why now ?
Why surrendering now ?

How can they say you are in danger ??

YOU ? the lion king ? the king of jungles ??

How come and you were the only one to help us getting out of serious situations ?

You were the only one who have answers to every question,

Why can’t you get yourself out of this ??

I don’t understand !!!

I can feel that you are cold .. 
Very cold .. 
And lonely .. 
Sudan warm sun misses you .. 
Birds stopped singing, 
River Nile begs for you to come and take a sip .. 
Your baby trees and flowers are dying waiting for your morning visits .. 
Who will take care of them if it’s not you ?? 
Kids waiting for their daily chocolates and money you give them for school ..
And revising their English lessons with you .. 
The house needs you to lighten up again .. 
And I wait for you too !!! 

I wait for you to live my paused life .. 
Still got so many things to discuss with you .. 
I have many good news to share with you .. 
Promise I will leave bed and be active once more .. 
Environment needs us both to be saved .. 
You said this once .. 
Then why you want to do it alone ?? 
How can I make it without your help ?? 

Can’t but see your face in every future plan I have .. 
Your smile when I get employed, 
Your words greeting my boyfriend the day he propose, 
Telling him about our family traditions, 
I know you will like him, 
Because he already loves you, 
I can see your face on my wedding day, 
And your hands carrying my first child, 
Telling us what we should name him, 
And seeing him growing up to be a great man ..
Just like you .. !!

I've planned everything with you involved .. 
Then why are you giving up your part ? 
They all mean nothing if you are not here ..

Future won’t be perfect without you .. !!


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