I'm sorry

I know you will forgive,
Whatever I do wrong.
I know that you will listen,
To the tiniest problem that I have.

I'm sorry,
For everything I did.
I'm so sorry,
For ever broken dream I shred.

I know you will hold me,
When I feel so alone.
I know you will be there,
When I'm broken and forgotten.

I'm sorry,
I know I abuse the facts
I'm so sorry,
For crawling every time I need you.

It's like I'm a stone,
Cause I know you will come.
It's like I'm a stone,
But I can't stand alone.

I'm so sorry,
For abusing your kindness.
One thousand punches,
Wont give me what I deserve.

I do not deserve this mercy,
I do not deserve this at all.
Why the angel fell for a demon,
I will never understand.

In my evil ways full of sins,
You remind me.
That every sinner has a future,
And every saint has a past.


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