Stupid Rose (3)

Welcome back, dear Rose ..
Rose ?!! Are you still a rose ??
You no longer look like it does ..
No more heaven like aromas tickling my nose ..
You beautiful colours were stolen from you, I suppose ..
What have they done to you, Rose ??
A long time dead creature .. as I check you up close ..
Ready to be blown away with the slightest decision they choose ..
Eventually, it was always you .. the one who loose ... !!!

Why .. Why did you let them pick you up ??
How come you never asked them to stop ??
Did they give you images of freedom .. and illusions of hope ??
And what makes you buy what they sell on their dirty shop ??
How could you let them play you hard .. and leave you messed up ??

Rose, I'm very disappointed on you ..
I never thought you will be like what you turned into ..
To let whoever use your heart and step over you ..
To let them use your soul and then burn it when they are through ..
That's the last thing I ever expected from you ..
You were always stupid, that's something I always knew ..
And you are stupid now .. And forever will do !!!


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